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Do you have an innovative concept that can impact the lives of Veterans and their families? Here's your opportunity to collaborate with VA.

PathFinder takes pride in being the catalyst for driving impactful change for Veteran healthcare. Here’s your chance to collaborate with the Department of Veterans Affairs and capture the attention of VA stakeholders with unique ideas, solutions, or products.

If your submission is the right blend of purpose, intent, and quality – we’re all ears! With PathFinder, you are now a step closer to driving healthcare innovation for those that serve, and their families.

Here's a quick glance at characteristics that make a submission through PathFinder truly stand out:

Traits of quality submissions

Novel, meaningful, and feasible

Strategically aligned to VHA priorities

Relevant to Veteran needs

Supported by data, evidence, or materials showcasing need or value

Represented by a clear ask for VA collaboration and stage of solution

We want your submission to get the attention it deserves. Be mindful of these roadblocks:

Common submission roadblocks

Solution already exists within VA

Unclear or incomplete ask for collaboration

Does not comply with VA legal requirements

Requires VA funding

Innovation starts here

Ready to take the first step towards innovating with VA? Start your journey now.

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